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January 2019

The extent of the fourth quarter selloff in stocks was surprising let alone unnerving. From an all-time high of 2930 September 20th, the S&P stock index closed Christmas Eve at 2350, down nearly 20% over that span. No sector was spared. I’m not going to spend time...

October 2018

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said just last week that the United States is experiencing a remarkably positive set of economic circumstances. ISM non-manufacturing report for September came in at 59.8 a mere 2 points lower than the record setting number for August....

July 2018

Struggling, flat, messy, puzzling…… a few words I use to describe the U.S. stocks market for the first half of 2018. Ironically the U.S. economy is humming. Sometimes the economy and stocks are in lock step with each other. Unfortunately the last 5 months hasn’t been...

March 2019

How much investment risk are you taking in your 401k plan? Do you think it’s too much or do you feel it’s not enough? What methods did you, or do you use when making investment choices? You know, you don’t have to go it alone. Maybe it’s time you and I talk.

February 2019

Shutdown…. weaker earnings forecasts….uncertain trade agreements….my oh my the attention given to fear and uncertainty. Don’t retreat, redeploy. Stay nimble, be tactical and know what you own.

January 2019

Stock market corrections make every one of us, including me, uncomfortable. The US stock market hadn’t experienced a correction in nearly 2 years until last February and of course this latest bout that began in October. Share prices vary but shares are never lost...